ThermaCare Heatwraps (Neck, Wrist & Shoulder)

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2-3 Days
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ThermaCare® Neck, Wrist & Shoulder HeatWraps are designed to conform to your neck and shoulder so you can experience long-lasting heat relief throughout your day.

Targeted Heat Therapy*

  • Single-use wraps can be applied to sore muscles and joint areas of your neck, shoulder, upper back and wrist
  • Provides temporary relief from minor muscular aches and joint pains associated with overexertion, strains and sprains, as well as minor pain associated with arthritis
  • Patented heat cells penetrate deep into tissue, increasing blood flow to stop pain and accelerate healing
  • Allows you to move freely, while delivering therapeutic heat to relax tight muscles
  • Thin enough to wear discreetly under clothing
  • Flexible enough to be worn on the move, wherever your day takes you. 

How To Use

  • Ensure skin in application area is clean, dry and free of makeup, recently applied skin moisturizer, lotions and other topical analgesics.

  • Position wrap by lightly pressing tabs into place on your skin. Make any needed adjustments and rub over adhesive tabs firmly to “lock” in place.

  • Use care when handling the adhesive tabs so you don’t get anything on them that will prevent the adhesive from working (e.g., lotions, lint, hair, makeup, etc.).

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