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OTO Body Care


The OTO e-Physio EY-900 uses electro nerve stimulation to provide users with pain relief, improved blood circulation, muscle recovery, and an overall sense of well being. Combining the traditional art of reflexology and low-frequency electro stimulation, the machine invigorates and stimulates the acupressure points at the soles of the feet.

  1.          Relaxes aching and stiff muscles.
  2.          Improves sleep quality.
  3.          Enhances blood circulation, especially for lower limbs.
  4.          Simultaneous therapy for body, soles and palms.
  5.          Can be used at home, work or during travel.  
  6.          Overall feeling of relaxation.
  7.          Uses Reflexology to create a healing affect throughout the whole body.


  1.           3 Auto Programs.
  2.          15 Manual setting to suit individual needs.
  3.          99 intensity levels for individual preference.
  4.          30 frequency patterns, adding variations to muscle stimulation.
  5.          Choice of sole, body combined or stand-alone treatment.
  6.          2 electrode-channels providing treatment on 4 spots simultaneously on the body.
  7.          Enlarged and specially designed foot pads for better contact.
  8.          Therapy cycle of 1 to 60-minutes.
  9.      Portable and lightweight design.

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