Vielight 655

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The Vielight 655 emits low level laser light with a 655 nm wavelength. The light pulses continuously with a power density of 10 mw/cm2The laser beam footprint targets the nasal cavity, which is rich in blood capillaries. The device parameters have been derived from researching clinical studies on low level light therapy over the last few decades. As a safety measure, please do not look into the laser light source.

This is the premium version of the 633 Red intranasal light therapy product. It uses a low level (or “cold”) laserdiode to release coherent light of wavelength in the visible red spectrum (655 nm) powered by a managed dosage of energy to illuminate the nasal cavity. The energy generated with this phototherapy version is substantially lower than that for 633 Red resulting in a more power-efficient design. It is not as bright as the 633 Red and more users report better sleep with this model when compared to the 633 Red, although the users of the 633 Red also report good outcomes with sleep disorder. Most of the 3000+ clinical studies on healing with light over the decades have been based on low level (or “cold”) laser of similar parameters. The battery will last longer than the 633 Red before requiring a replacement. As a safety measure, users should not look directly into the light source of this model.

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