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The VieLight 633 Red releases light with a wavelength of 633 nm in the visible red spectrum, powered by a managed dosage of energy. Low level light therapy has been researched by NASA for several years and has demonstrated the ability to alter, and improve, cellular function.

In particular, it is believed that low level light photobiomodulation functions by improving mitochondrial energy production by stimulating the complex IV enzyme, cytochrome c oxidase (CCO), and increasing adenosine-5′-triphosphate (ATP) synthesis.

This is a non-laser based intranasal light therapy product. The basic specifications include a diode (LED) releasing light with wavelength in the visible red spectrum (633 nm) powered by a managed dosage of energy to illuminate the nasal cavity. It stimulates the body to restore systemic homeostasis through its total-body response to the signals generated by the light, strengthening the condition of the body. It is based on the scientific fact that our cells respond to low-energy light signals by healing itself. The nostril is an effective non-invasive channel to introduce these signals that has been created by light energy to be distributed to the various parts of the body and the brain.

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