Organic Aloe Face Scrub (100gm)

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Face Scrub
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Aloe Face scrub removes dead skin cells and offers a healthy glow to the face. The skin becomes gently free from impurities, dirt, contaminants and excess oil. Facial Scrubs gently buff your face and helps to make it more reactive to moisturizers and facial cosmetics.

•  The aloe face scrub hydrates and gently exfoliates with herbal emollients and naturally extracted fruit acids.
•  Walnut Shell Powder a natural, non toxic, biodegradable gentle exfoliant works as an abrasive in removing the dead skin.
•  Ashwagandha extract present in aloe face scrub works as a strong anti aging agent, Acorus Calamus works for treating skin eruptions and stevia helps to remove wrinkles.

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