Aloe Foot & Toe Cream with Turmeric

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AED 120

2-3 Days
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Vitro Naturals


Aloe Foot Care Cream is an effective moisturizer that helps to maintain your feet by treating dry,

chapped and cracked heels. The herbs in it freshen the skin and does not harm even when used regularly.

Active ingredients :-

Aloe vera - One of the properties of aloe vera that is good for dry, cracked heels is that it stimulates tissue

growth. As it is also antiseptic it helps keep open sores like this clean so that they can heal properly.

Wheat Germ Oil - Natural oil is a well known antioxidant. it contributes to slowing down skin aging


Turmeric Oil? Turmeric is rich in curcuminoids, which are known for their antibacterial and antiinflammatory

properties. This spice is often used for its antiseptic properties. It will help to prevent

fungal infections.

Thymol Ext. - The herb has antifungal properties. One of the main uses of thyme is as an antiseptic.

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