What is Intranasal Light Therapy?  

Intranasal light therapy is a new technology based on over 3,000 related clinical and scientific researches in low level light therapy and “photobiomodulation”. They show that light energy of certain specifications encourages the brain, and the body’s cardiovascular, endocrine and immune systems to restore its natural stable balance (homeostasis). This stable balance can be disrupted by infection, our unhealthy live styles, poor diets, physical and mental stress, and the chemical pollutants that we are exposed to in the environment. Vielight can help the body restore this balance and heal the body and the brain during this process of photobiomodulation.

Vielight is unique as it uses the nasal cavity to distribute this healing light. The nasal cavity is perfect for transporting the healing light throughout the body as it has a very dense and rich network of blood vessels to distribute the light particles throughout the body and bring healing to damaged cells. Vielight has different models that emphasize on healing the body or the brain. Collectively, they are comprehensive and holistic in stimulating the body and brain to heal naturally. Many who use Vielight have experienced normalization of blood pressure, reduction of cholesterol, increased energy, mental alertness and many other beneficial outcomes.

Vielight is used extensively in USA and Canada and in many countries worldwide. Vielight is easy to use, portable, reliable and reasonable priced. Although, the response of the individual to low level light therapy (LLLT) is determined by our biological and physiological makeup, Vielight has received thousands of testimonials and used by prestigious universities for research in important diseases. The use of LLLT does not harm the body but only improves it.


Intranasal Light Therapy (or light therapy through the nose) is a technology that carefully designed to allow the effects of light therapy to the entire brain and blood vessels. For general information, the brain plays an important role in ensuring the system in the body to run smoothly. Through the bloodstream, light therapy can balance the composition of cells in the whole body. The balance of the cells in the body is essential for repairing cell quality and light therapy is also capable of undermining any molecule that causes the disease.

Nasal cavity has been identified as the most appropriate and effective way to channel the effects of this therapy. This is so because, the layer between the skin and blood vessels in the nose is thin and light makes it easier to be absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. This area is also very suitable because it is close to the part of the brain that plays an important role in the overall process of the body. This tool will meyinarkan light directly towards the brain.

Scientific studies have shown that all forms of light therapy can stimulate the cells in the body in order to have a balanced composition. There are over 3000 clinical study on the use of light therapy (fotobiomodulasi) which have been published. After this process occurs, the body's health will be improved. In addition, there would also be an increase in the level of stamina, and mental alertness .

Products VieLight been properly designed to give the best impression at a reasonable cost. VieLight been used extensively in the US and Canada. Thousands of testimonials have responded very, very amazing after using VieLight namely improving health. No claims for compensation received by the company there. However, the effect of healing and long healing time of a person is different.